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Rehoboth TechBubble is an American-born technology company, focused on architecting, building & operating cloud native applications, data streams, platforms and services. Our solutions are centered on AWS and best of breed technology. We use DevOps to get new features and products to market faster, with fewer bugs, improved customer experience and greater cost savings that can be invested elsewhere in your business.We’re committed to helping our clients find solutions that are right for them. Our experts offer impartial and independent guidance based on years of experience with DevOps transformations.


Our tech team loves to  propel you into the Devops Culture

We make IT happen

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We help teams at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle by providing an open toolchain and guidance on best practices. We help with strategic planning, implementation procedure, Solution process and production support.

We help you to migrate the entire or partial of data center capabilities into the cloud. The migration could be to a cloud service provider such as AWS, Azure or Google cloud

Protecting the data throughout it's lifecycle is a top priority for all the organizations. We pledge to help you protect the data and prevent data corruption.. Protecting  your data is our primary focus. Using the latest data security platform, we protect your file and email systems from cyberattacks and insider threats. We provide  cloud Access security, data encryption, email security, enterprise data protection, payments security and web browser security. Your data is protected first and definitely not last.

We help in executing Virtualization projects in

different platforms like VMware and Microsoft Hyper -V. We could effectively consolidate networking, storage and server infrastructure and help you achieve dynamic workloads ,thereby reducing the cost. We prioritize Network Virtualization Solutions, Plugin management and Certification Services.

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The Service management life cycle we believe in

Rehoboth Techbubble Inc.,  follows ITIL ,which is a compendium of best practices and offers necessary guidance. We  consider it our topmost priority to " deliver value to the customers". We are willing to facilitate the outcome the customers desire without them having to possess the ownership of specific costs and risks.

We have specialized organizational capabilities to manage and implement quality IT services that meet the needs of the business. The service lifecycle we follow includes Service strategy ,Service design ,Service transition ,Service operation and Continual Service Improvement.

While planning for the services to provide, we decide on the needed resources and make sure to record how the services meet the business requirements. Service design produces detailed plans for each service. Service design ensures that we document how resources are combines to meet the specification. Service transition handles the physical creation and implementation of resources. In this stage, infrastructure is acquired and installed and applications are developed .In the service operation stage ,we provide the users and customers with the services that we have agreed with them. Continual Service Improvement makes sure that the aim of providing agreed - on services is ensured. This stage ensures that all the activities in every stage work well as possible, the interprocess links are effective and that all evidence of shortcomings in other stages are captured.

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